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Sam's Picture This is the home page of Gey-Hong Gweon’s group in the Department of Physics, at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Gey-Hong Gweon, assistant professor of physics, is also known as Sam by some students and friends. His name part “Gey” rhymes with “key”, and “Gweon” with “won.”
This group specialize in the single particle spectroscopy of condensed matter systems, where “particle” means electron. The main technique is the angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy, widely known by its acronym ARPES. Many types of materials are studied by this powerful technique. Currently, the materials of high interest in this group include high temperature superconductors, two leg ladder quasi-one-dimensional cuprates, cobalt oxides, and graphene.

Banana Slug Gey-Hong (Sam) Gweon earned his Ph. D. in physics from the University of Michigan. He also worked at the University of California at Berkeley, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, before coming to Santa Cruz, to become a Banana Slug (from being a Wolverine at U-M). His science training goes back to his undergraduate years in the Department of Physics at Seoul National University of South Korea, and actually to his high school years when his enthusiastic physics teacher influenced him greatly.

Email Address: gweon at
G.-H. Gweon, Assistant Professor
Office: ISB-249, Tel: 831-459-1806
Department of Physics, University of California
Lab: NSII-217, 831-459-5119; Fax: 831-459-3043
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
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